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Up to now, the WHAG has been funded on an ad hoc basis by individual residents and a few local traders.

However, if we are to press ahead with all the activities needed to get the campaign noticed by both Sainsburys and the media, we shall need a fighting fund to draw on.

To that end the following a bank account has been set up :  for details please contact the WHAG

Cash or cheques made out to the W.H.A.G. can be deposited at any NatWest branch or monies transferred by phone. Please identify any deposit for our records.

A complete and open set of books will be kept and will be available for viewing at any time.

Anonymity will, of course be respected where requested.

This Fund will be used for the purposes of funding the Referendum, paying for printed material, general publicity expenses, miscellaneous costs and possible legal costs.

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