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What you can do


Phase 2 of our campaign works like this :

1. A PR blitz in national media to expose the way Sainsburys have behaved.

2. A grass-roots display of outrage by local residents, in the form of numerous local events, about which the media will be fully appraised.

3. A campaign to alert Sainsburys shareholders, Sainsburys board directors and City Institutions regarding the shameful behaviour of the company.


How can you help ?

1. Watch this site and your email for event alerts.

2. Contact your local MP, Susan Kramer and confirm your support. She is a firm supporter of this campaign.

3. Email the people on the list below. Tell them about your outrage on hearing the rejection of a fair offer by Justin King.

Tell them you will boycott the store if it ever opens.

Send your emails to all on this list. We need to sow dissent and unsettle the ranks of Sainsburys management.

4. Tell all your friends and neighbours to do the same.

5. Most important of all.

 When you get an email or see a newsletter or somehow hear about a public demonstration against Sainsburys, do your utmost to attend.


List of Sainsburys Board Directors for emailing.


Non Executive Directors

Val Gooding  Chief Executive of BUPA  Val.Gooding@sainsburys.co.uk

Gary Hughes  Chief Executive of CMP Information  Gary.Hughes@sainsburys.co.uk

Bob Stack  Cadbury Schweppes plc Group Human Resources Director Bob.Stack@sainsburys.co.uk

Dr John McAdam (Senior Independent Director) Chief Executive  ICI plc John.McAdam@sainsburys.co.uk

Anna Ford Retired from the BBC in April 2006. Anna.Ford@sainsburys.co.uk


Executive Directors

Phillip Hampton Chairman,  Philip.Hampton@sainsburys.co.uk

Justin King  Chief Executive. Justin.King@sainsburys.co.uk

Darren Shapland Chief Financial Officer , Darren.Shapland@sainsburys.co.uk


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